Pitru Poojas

Marriage Rituals & Poojas

We help you organize Kasi, Allahabad, Gaya and Rameshwaram yatra to perform your vedic pithru rituals.

We guarantee high quality of service and a positive devote experience.

We arrange

  • Train/air ticket if you need in advance.
  • Quality priest (sastrigal) for your performing rituals all the places.
  • Comfortable / Safe accommodation
  • Local travels
  • Quality food
  • Professional Guide will be with you at Rameshwaram, Allahabad, Kasi and Gaya.



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Our detailed Pithru Karma Poojas are ;


1 1st to 13th day Apara Karma
2 Maasiyam, Sodhakumbham
3 First Year Aapdhiga Srardham
4 Tharpanam (Amavasai)
5 Srardham (Thithi)
6 Thila Homam
7 Rameshwaram, Kasi & Gaya Srardham