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Sriram Sastrigal is a highly respected Vedic Scholar in the temple town of Nanganallur, Chennai. Born in a Dheekshithar family under the lineage of Venkatramana Dheekshithar (Sastrigal’s paternal grand father) in Aanaiyampatti Village near Salem, Sriram Sastrigal had the blessings of Goddess Kamakshi, the presiding deity in the temple town of Kanchipuram where he had the learning on Vedas.

Sriram Sastrigal also had the blessings of “Nadamaadum Deivam” fondly reffered as Maha Periyava H.H Shri Chandrasekarendhra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. Sriram Sastrigal rendered his service to Maha Periyava for a brief period of 12 months before Maha Periyava attained Siddhi. Later Sriram Sastrigal moved to Nanganallur, Chennai and started rendering Purohitam as service to locales. With the divine blessings of Goddess Kamakshi and MahaPeriyava he has performed several homams and yagnas for the welfare of fellow human beings.
Sriram Sastrigal, though young at heart and looks, has several divine experiences adding to his Vedic knowledge that makes him one among the respected Purohits of Chennai.

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